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Tuesday March 3rd 2020 at 15:30 to 20:00
Tuesday March 3rd 2020 at 11:00

Young Leadership Summit (YLS) is a network arena for young professional leaders working in the seafood industry or related industries where the need for sustainable innovation is increasingly important to create growth and succeed in a highly competitive environment.

YLS is hosted by the world’s largest seafood business conference, North Atlantic Seafood Forum, and Bergen Chamber of Commerce.

Join us in Bergen on March 3th for stimulating discussions on key topics defining the future of seafood and a challenging workshop where you and your group will get to present before top level executives from the leading seafood companies of the world. Last but not least, an opportunity to build an international network in the industry. 


The main topic for 2020 is seafood in the global supermarket chains. How do these supermarket chains view the seafood industry, and what opportunities are there for industry?

All participants are also welcome to the NASF VIP Speakers Dinner Reception at King Haakon’s Hall.


This event is exclusive for young leaders working in or in relation to the seafood industry.



My page
Tuesday March 3rd 2020 at 15:30 to 20:00
Tuesday March 3rd 2020 at 11:00

Activity is finished and you can no longer register.


  • 15.30

    Registration, light food serving and mingling

  • 16.00

    Welcome and introduction

    North Atlantic Seafood Forum and Bergen Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  • 16.10

    My Journey in Seafood

    Fredrik Nordøy
    Founder and CEO Nordøy Seafood

  • 16.35

    Seafood Buying, doing the Basics brilliantly

    Jordan Muldoon
    Seafood Buyer for Morrisons Manufacturing

  • 17.00


  • 17.20

    Workshop with Case Assignment

  • 19.00


    Judge panel:

    • Henning Beltestad (CEO Lerøy Seafood)
    • Andreas Kvame (CEO Grieg Seafood)
    • Fredrik Witte (CEO Cargill Aqua Nutrition North Sea)
    • Regin Jacobsen (CEO Bakkafrost)

  • 19.40

    Panel announces winner

  • 20.00

    Dinner at King Haakon’s hall

  • 22.00

    Open invitation to afterparty at Madam Felle


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Lisa Marie Opdahl Advokatfirmaet BAHR AS
Senad Saric Advokatfirmaet BAHR AS
Henrik Lovund Advokatfirmaet Thommessen AS
Svein-Helge Hanken Advokatfirmaet Wiersholm AS
Preben Imset Matre Aquabyte As
Jose Manuel Ovalle AquaChile
Carolina Peña AquaChile
Espen Børhaug Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Piotr Wingaard Biomega Group As
Christina Follesø Cargill Aqua Nutrition
Anna Rongved Cargill Aqua Nutrition
Fredrik Witte Cargill Aqua Nutrition
Julia Born Evonik
Marianne Wethe Koch Ewos As
Marcio Castro De Souza FAO - Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations
Ceselia Høyvik Rokne Fish Pool
George Hooper Gch Fishmongers
Andreas Kvame Grieg Seafood
Maren Bjerkeset Grieg Seafood Asa
Carl Lund Grieg Seafood Asa
Torstein Mellingen Innovasea Akvakultur AS
Nina Unlay Intrafish
Oscar Aldaz Lerøy Seafood
Henning Beltestad Lerøy Seafood
Mats Garlid Lerøy Seafood
Thea Kleiven Lerøy Seafood
Steffen Lone Lerøy Seafood
Steffen Lundanes Lerøy Seafood
Fredrik Olsen Lerøy Seafood
Tasha Prestø He Lerøy Seafood
Ole Randa Lerøy Seafood
Trine Rønning Lerøy Seafood
Carmen Thomassen Lerøy Seafood
Trond Vibeto Lerøy Seafood
Julie Vonheim Lerøy Seafood
Rakel Charlotte Bakke Lerøy Seafood AS
Endre Haukeland Lerøy Seafood, Frozen Salmon & Trout
Bjørnar Kvalsnes Maritech Systems AS
Jordan Muldoon Morrisons Manufacturing
Lene Torgersen Mowi Asa
Andrina Heldal Mowi Markets
Bodo Hensen Nordischer Maschinenbau Rud. Baader GmbH + Co. KG
Dennis Lohmann Nordischer Maschinenbau Rud. Baader GmbH + Co. KG
Fredrik Nordøy Nordøy Sea AS
Erlend Torgnes Optimeering Aqua As
Rasmus Sørensen Port of Hanstholm
Hanne Johansen Pricewaterhousecoopers As
Anne Marte Tombre PwC Seafood
Teresa Fernandez Seachill
Jimmy Buchan Seafish
Marcus Coleman Seafish
Michael Dick Seafish
Lewis Tattersall Seafish
Benjamin Weis Tesco
Gaelle Husser Veramaris
Christian Martin Veramaris
Steven Severino Veramaris
Felix Jansen Wechsler Feinfisch GmbH
Malte Lauenroth Werner Lauenroth Fischfeinkost GmbH
Julian Meese Werner Lauenroth Fischfeinkost GmbH
Cameron Moffat Youngs